Maybe I’m not cool enough

Maybe I’m not cool enough to understand modern art.  I took this quiz on Buzzfeed:, and got mst of the answers wrong.  Now, I can sit in front of a Manet for hours (I have, actually) or spend the entire day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  But a visit to the Museum of Modern Art(MoMA) and Whitney leaves me completely and utterly dissatisfied — angry even!  Why am I staring at a giant 3-D furry yellow exclamation point in the middle of the floor, Whitney?! WHY?  Why is there a video of a naked woman running in a field intercut with scenes of a swimming amoeba , MoMA? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Maybe I’m doing it wrong?  Can you do art wrong?  Is the mere fact that I am having a reaction to the pieces, albeit negative, still an artistic experience?  I don’t know and I probably don’t have the intellectual capacity to answer those questions.  I do know that my 19 year old cousin needs to get her self to an art gallery and exhibit her pieces.  Here are some:




She’ll probably punch me for sharing these but she’s talented as hell and deserves some recognition.

That’s my rant for today.  Hope you enjoy these paintings.


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