A Little Taste

Hi all and Happy New Year!

I’ve been away for a while but I’m back with a new, albeit short, excerpt from The Otherworlders. Check out previous posts below:

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And now for the latest in Andie and Max’s adventure:

. . .

Andie screeched into her parking space in the underground garage below her apartment building.  She barely blinked during the two hour ride back to the city, staring straight ahead and occasionally breaking the silence by mumbling under her breath, so Max felt it best to follow Andie out of the car at a distance.

It was an older building and the garage had been built later so the service elevator only came up to the first floor. The doors opened up across from the street entrance of the building giving them a clear view of the long foyer to the revolving door leading outside.  It was late, a solid silence filled the space, waiting to be broken by the hustle and bustle brought by daylight.

They crossed the lobby to the bank of elevators leading up to the apartments.  Andie reached out to press the button going up but her hand stopped an inch away.  Her whole body had gone rigid, every muscle in her body was taut except for her nose, which was twitching uncontrollably, drawing in and expelling air quickly.

“Andie?” Max whispered.

Andie slowly twisted her neck to look at him.  Her eyes were narrowed but unfocused. “Do you smell that?” she asked.

“What?” Max breathed.



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